RAY GUN – First vs Recent Appearance in Call Of Duty Zombies History (2008-2023)


  1. People literally say that old cod was better, it was trash, the movement, the animation, the graphics, I bet people will start arguing with me how they “MiSs ThE oLd DaYs” no you don’t, enjoy what you have right now, even if you somehow enjoy this then just buy and play it dude, no need to spend money for games that you hate.

  2. In bo2 the first map in zombies if you're teammates leave you or the bus does try to equip the shotgun and it will give you the raygun or the other guns I forgot

  3. Never gonna forget those years, the golden age of cod. The real originals, two hits and you're dead without juggernog haha. I even memorized the cod 2 pack a punched raygun name: Porter's X2 raygun…

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