(PS5) THE PACIFIC WAR | Realistic ULTRA Graphics Gameplay [4K 60FPS HDR] Call of Duty


  1. As someone who played cod waw growing up I miss when the flamethrower actually didn’t run out of ammo it just had to cool down and when you set an enemy on fire they actually got burnt and toasted instead of just looking normal still as if they didn’t just get swallowed by fire at all. The game isn’t as gory as it used to be I miss it, just my opinion😒🤷🏾‍♂️

  2. i wish there is games when Japanese soldier is the main protagonist and US or British army being a villains,dont get me wrong but the storyline with all war games is no longer instresting,only tell 1 side story

  3. 93 Division Is Part Of National Guard Army Deploy In Europe Not On Japan Or Pacific Island During And The War 1945 Some Japanese Still Believe The War Not Over Some Little US Army With US MARINES Start Coming To Japan Explorer Nearly Got Killed By Japanese Soldier But Fight Back 🇺🇸🪖

  4. The all those who saying black soldiers never seen combat in WW2 The 92nd Infantry Division and the 761st Tank Battalion, better known as the "Black Panthers," the latter, served under general Patton just to mention a few.

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