(PS5) Siege of STALINGRAD | Realistic Ultra Graphics Gameplay [4K 60FPS HDR] Call of Duty


  1. Иностранцы никогда ничего толкового не создавали по нашей истории. Наслаждаемся художеством

  2. Когда она упала с балкона я думал она умрет и этот кринж закончится. Но нет, она вцепилась в балкон двумя этажами ниже. Паркурист а не медсестра.

  3. I’ve always been a student of history and I’ve always thought that being at Stalingrad would’ve been the craziest experience probably of the whole war. Someday I’d like to go there and check it out when retrace all the battles in Europe.

  4. what's up with the AI? running towards someone when they could easily shoot. peeking corners to see the enemy reloading and not shooting them immediately afterwards? The player also seems like they are new to shooters. Graphics are amazing and the backdrops are so well done but this just doesn't play right…

  5. OK it’s already starting all stupid. Why in the hell is she climbing on rooftops? Wouldn’t you be easier or target or the people to see you closer? I swear Call of Duty is the wack is war in history.

  6. Самолеты так низко не летают, сладкая цель для зениток, т 34-85 еще не выпустили к тому году, контузия от взрывов, перепад давления и баротравма и т.д. Но даже если выжил лезут в подвалы, а не на крышу. Голливуд блядь

  7. How plausibly everything is shown. Especially the camp. Yes, that's exactly how Soviet soldiers spent their time, gambling, doing exercises for US Marines and setting up a tent camp in the manner of the states. There are not enough cowboy hats, legs thrown up on the table, a glass of whiskey and a cigar in his mouth.

    What kind of crap is shown in the game

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