Playing Call of Duty is now an actual SAFETY HAZARD..


  1. Man too bad the hackers can't break old games and get them to have lobbies again. Can't tell you a game of black Ops 2 or mw3 hasn't been played because there was only 4 people waiting in the lobby.

  2. And im here getting banned for no reason at all leaving all my games unplayable no way of getting in touch with activision,activision are cowboys and dont care about there customers one bit

  3. That's been there the hole time just didn't happen to you! Really if you use your bank info as your login basically asking for it, like are you walking around saying your pin out loud in public no so why us it on video game that has hackers stealing accounts!

  4. I won't play competitive multiplayer games anymore. Ever since they introduced cross play with PC they ruined multiplayer so I decided to buy a PC and just play single player and co-op games instead.

    Who wants to play call of duty anymore when you have ready or not?

  5. What do you mean now? Call of duty has been getting hacked and then you have all the dumbass losers that throw their controller or keyboard across the room cause they only died one time and they know they can use their mommy’s breast milk to buy more.

  6. Im not even gunna lie.. that really sucks!! I dont play Warzone or MWlll or any other CoD besides Cold War!! The "Fireteam" game mode with "dirty bomb, hardpoint, SAT-Link, and elimination" are by far the absolute best games on any CoD ever made!! Wayy better than Warzone and wayyy better than any small map multiplayer. Soo, heaing that Xold War is vulnerable and being targeted really kinda sucks for me.

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