Official Reveal Trailer | Call of Duty: Ghosts


  1. After replaying the campaign I gotta say it was a bit nostalgic, the writing is pretty bad but the ideas and art direction was solid
    Everything was so moody and they had an aesthetic for this game that was the last gritty call of duty for a long time.
    But I can't help but wonder if this timeline would have been better if MW 2019 came out instead of this how much different would things have played out by the actual MWIII.
    I try to think where would they even go with the story in Ghosts 2 or Ghosts II, the federation was basically destroyed and rorke dragged logan to be tortured like he was, I guess maybe a new faction would have to step in maybe russians or someone else. Who knows really, they were ambitious in many ways but not ambitious in others.
    Ghosts deserved better.

  2. 11 years since this call of duty you should make a call of duty ghosts remastered that would be absolutely insane I still remember when I used to play this when I was younger and was an absolute legend of a game call of duty thanks.

  3. This game's been long due for a reboot. If Infinity Ward can make amazing campaigns today like in MW2019 & the new MW2, I'd love to see them work their magic with rebooting Ghosts.

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