1. Bo3 was solid, even though the campaign was a little confusing still OK game, but BO2 will forever be the best call of duty GAME in my personal opinion was my favorite💯🔥

  2. 8 years late i still have a problem with this game language like it's spanish and i can't change the language to english. Can anyone help? Otherwise I bought this game for nothing🤦🏽‍♂️

  3. BO3 multiplayer was one of a kind, everything worked out so perfectly. After BO3, there was no CoD to ever deliver the same experience that BO3 gave players

  4. Я купил себе и сестре, она оторваться не может! Потому что надо поддержать разработчиков они вкладываться каждый год!1!1! Игра наското имба что можно её обмазыться

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