NUKE in EVERY Call Of Duty but SNIPING ONLY.. (COD Challenge)


  1. Gotta say the newer modern warfares have the absolute worst sniping in cod history. The animation of the ads is dumb asf and flinch is way too strong so sniping is unplayable on those games

  2. IW used to be my favorite, but the people using Syn with the titan just ruined it, so I started playing MWR instead, SO much easier

    EDIT: Also, Trek-50 is best for one shot kills

  3. Hey no hate or complains here but I wanna point out that most codm public lobbies are bots and the one you were in is also a bot lobby so I recommend you do it ranked mode and to experience the same skill level as the other CODs do it in pro-master ranked because it is easy-mid lobbies (beware you can still get bot lobbies in ranked even in legendary so just watch few videos on how identify bot lobbies)

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