Nickmercs Won’t Play Call of Duty Again?


  1. i love nick mercs hes my favorite streamer my gramps own a tatoo shop and I have one of his quotes on my back. lower part. it quotes nick saying "keyboard made for email, controller made for playing games -MFAM" love my boy nick been a sub in his chat for technically 6 years.

  2. I dont see eye to eye with nick on alot of things, but playing what you wanna play regardless of ifnthey boys play or not, all about it, have fun gaming or whats the point 😅

  3. American society is very polarised and it feels like Nick is catering to a certain audience. He is definitely doing well in terms of $ with this strategy. He will eventually radicalise. But will still keep a hardcore fan base that will provide for him. He’s not a bad person I’m not judging him. He’s just living with his time.

  4. I understand Nick feels slighted by COD but does anyone know how the money works? Did he get paid a lump sum up front or was he going to get continued percentages of the bundle purchases? If its the latter i get his standpoint of not playing. But if he got all his money regardless than who cares just play with the boys. Its really not that deep anymore.

  5. That ENTIRE situation that spurred all of this was made up by Republicans to get people outraged. You notice how now nobody really brings that up anymore? Strange, considering it apparently was the most important topic in America for a while. It's cause Republicans messaging has changed to something else they think will help when in 2024 and to steer the conversation away from women's right to choose to have an abortion.

  6. As much as i find nick being full of himself especially when it comes to the LGBTQ agenda, but i respect the fact that he's not a sellout and is willing to die on the hill he's standing before he plays that has been game who's out of touch ever since BO3.

  7. It's all about money. When doc was banned on Twitch. Tim and lupo sign with youtube when their contract was up at that Pont in time. Nick, on the other hand, resigned with Twitch because the money was right. Doc, at least did something for Nick by addressing the issue live nick just beat around the bush when doc was banned. I can't blame the boys for playing warzone again. We all know warzone is filled with woke ped* running the business, so if Nick feels that way, it's good by me

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