*NEW* GOKU BLACK set gameplay and COMBOS in FORTNITE!


  1. “The one and only mistake among all divine creations that is what mortals are and this mistake is a ergegious to shape existence to the beautiful utopia it was always meant to be the mistake must corrected. I will purge all mortals from existence in place of the gods who reFUSE TO ADMIT FAILURE”

  2. how long do these bundles usually stay in store? Really want to buy it but i feel like itll be gone in the morning. not all my vbucks show on nintendo switch version so id have to log in at an internet cafe just to buy 😂

  3. I wonder when they will add the most iconic villain, Racist Frieza. I hope he has an emote where he turns into Golden frieza and screams out “Monkeeyyyyyy

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