1. Guys! Like many of you have said I missed the post credit scene! I swear it didn't show, was this because I was in the alpha/pre-order?
    Anyways, credit to this guy you can see it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyLDgBp8fS4

    While I have your attention, thank you so much for watching! This has been an absolute blast to play and edit, I'm a one guy production so it takes me a while to get these videos out. Having so many of you enjoy them gives me a massive motivation boost.

    Once again, thank you. (it's an elbow cough emoji but pretend i'm dabbing)

  2. Nano I highly recommend you play COD Advanced Warfare, it’s is an underrated gem of cod, has an incredible and even fun campaign ( not like Mw3 2023 ), and the multiplayer maps and score streaks are unique and interesting!

  3. They never quite explain why not only do British special forces operate in the US, but why they do it under US command. Also is Gaz still a cop? How's that part work does he just "become" army?

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