MCW | Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Gameplay (No Commentary)


  1. First 30 seconds of him shooting in this video im guessing none of the weapons have any realistic kickup because the aim while shooting is staying n one spot, literally not moving a centimeter.

  2. Personally, i still play World at War 2. The old fashioned stuff that never gets old, at least for me.

    And every time im a couple kills away from getting artillery, i go from this calm, collected player with precision, to a 4 year old on ecstacy getting trigger happy, because he doesnt want to die prematurely before getting the streak. Especially if im close quarters with a shotgun, in a wide ass open map.

    The scene where you just glided through that building getting shot at, and pouncing around like a Lynx close to death reminded me of that.😂😅

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