1. I do I do in flash pop every 1 up stars shots fired return fire I flank right door flash bang 2 ppl holding guns put down the option knock out but u want merciless killer death squad in secure up stairs again shots fired you can shoot through door but it's a spoil for story line and then frag room cleared 2 dead 3rd enters the room rifle pointed put down secured up stairs again approach 1 female hands in air makes move for a detonator rifle butted

  2. Ask someone from the Pakistan military / special forces on what it’s like to clear rooms, fight in urban land and rescue hostages

    What the US does rarely and cleanly, Pakistan does it daily and bloodily


    Seriously, though, I’m glad I was never assigned to a mission like this. My natural hero-instincts would have enabled some of those females to do at least some damage to my squad or platoon… due to my training to be a gentleman.

    Bottom line is… I was raised and trained to see women as equivalents to children… a sentiment shared by much of the world in fact. We’re I in that situation, those females might have managed to get the drop on me, due to my inability to see them as threats.

    Plus, my mother was Black. I’ve already spent the majority of my life dealing with The Most VICIOUS of the female gender on a personal level. I grew up with those bitches talking shit to me, getting in my face, and DARING me to do something about it. In my mind, a non-Black female playing victim cannot possibly be a threat. Hell, in my eyes, they ARE literal children.

    Your turn YouTube. Thoughts? Comments?

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