Keyboard CHEATERS are ruining Call of Duty!


  1. First keyboard players complain about aim assist, and now they're basically cheating by stealing OUR aim assist, screw off and get good, we have to use a stick to aim, YOU HAVE YOUR ENTIRE ARM TO AIM

  2. Is it odd of me that for shooter games i don't mind playing shooter games on keyboard with aim assist and all because hear me out im already terrible at shooters and i also hesitate to even shoot most i do is just have fun and explore or just have fun in general like for example how fortnite has it's starwars lightsaber collabs pvp eachother while having 2 lightsabers going at it is hellafun

  3. Am i the only motherfucker who thinks its easier to play on keyblard and aimassist really isnt that fucking overpowered!? I played both console and PC and i do so much better with precision from MnK then i do AA, shit, AA sometimes fucking cucks my ass trynna aim at people i aint even seen yet thats behind the dude im trynana gun down!! 😂

  4. Remove cross play! Leave PlayStation and Xbox to share lobbies but make more for only PC! And if we make it so the players who do better get aim assist removed automatically then the PC lot will have a dozen kills and then there aim assist will be told to bugger off!

  5. "AIM ASSIST IS BROKEN" Brother. You can use your entire wrist to get perfect hits and control recoil better while console only had the thumbstick. Console players need aim assist to battle PC players.

  6. No patrick, rewasd isn't only use for cheating. It's a rebinding software that allows you to emulate inputs from different devices like steam's input feature

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