Joining The Ranks of the Cartel|El Sin Nombre|Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2|2022|4K HDR


  1. I really like the difference between Valeria and Diego.

    Valeria is a cold, calculating psychopath. She is extremely nonchalant and even her screaming threats towards that soldier were hollow, just a frustrated violent womanchild who has a gun and didn't get what she wanted.

    Diego has nothing psychologically wrong with him and IMO that is more terrifying. He genuinely loves being part of the cartel. He looks right through you with wild eyes because he wants you to piss and shit yourself before he tears you limb fromb limb. He's genuinely scared of Valeria, and for a minute he drops the human nightmare act when talking with a cellar boy before going right back to haunting your restless dreams.

  2. I dont play valorant but you look like a professional to me and if iam right and you are a pro then why dont you upload a full match gameplay uncut upload montages aswell but upload a full match gameplay and it does,nt requires edits so wont be a big hassle. Btw fire edits as usual. D

  3. Do you wanna know something even though the stupidity war on terrorism still going on all of the Mexican cartels have connection too many Jihadi terrorist specially Hezbollah & the Quds Forces of Iran 🇮🇷.

  4. Am I the only one confused that Las Almas is suddenly a city full of skyscrapers and looking a bit like Los Angeles or some other similair looking city? It just looks vastly different from when it was introduced.

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