Is The Player Worth Buying In EA FC 24?


  1. Emre is the King from TEAM GULLIT
    Iam top 23 Elite Player in 🇩🇪 – i hope one day i play against him..

    By the way i beat First EA FC 24 week UMUT WORLD CHAMPIONS in Elite DIV

    so maybe i have a Chance against EMRE the King

  2. Cantona 90 is better than both Mpaypay and Ginola. Cantona has everythint in all stats. He is physical, fast big boy, can jump, can shoot, can pass, can dribble, can body people, can defend… Cantona although is cheap but better than so many players this year.

    Yes i have played many meta cards including Mpaypay, R9, Cr7, Ginola, Zico, Pele, whatever the 5 star skill move players.. i have played them.

    Cantona is too cheap for his performance.

  3. The only time in a video where the lack of ball knowledge is totally fine

    Edit: yes I know the video is about the cards in the game, but that’s not the point of the comment lol. 90% of their short videos show the lack of ball knowledge tho lol

  4. WHY IS EVERYBODY SAYING “ KaKA IS wAY bEtTeR THAn snejDeR hAvE you NoT SEeN hiM In rEAL liVe🤓🤓🤓”
    Like what do you not understand ITS ABOUT THE GAME NOT REAL LIVEEEEE like 🙄 jeez man

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