Is the Fortnite Battle Pass Unfair?


  1. This wont Change at all, First of all the were Limited to the Battle Pass by contract prob so they wont come Back, second of all they promised IT from the start. Its the while Idea of the Battle Pass thats ITS Limited time only. I would need to Bring Back skins from the nvidea, Xbox and Nintendo collab aswell from Back in 2018/19

  2. Maybe every new season could offer you a battle pass token that you could use on an incomplete battle pass, but to make it fair you could only use one every season meaning you could not purchase the most recent battle pass until the next season.

  3. Old battle passes should be buyable cause of rare skins such as spider-gwen other people would want to get. If people could buy old battle passes then that’s raise the play time on Fortnite drastically. I’d love other passes to get collab stuff cause I missed out big time on some of them.

  4. the people that'd get mad when a rare digital cosmetic no longer becomes rare are miserable.
    good lord I personally wanna get the original Meowscles skin, but oops I didn't play however long ago it was when it was up, MY BAD

  5. I like the idea of re-running battle passes but instead of the whole battle pass they do specific skins/sets that were more populat but on rotation, like for 2-3 weeks you can pay 500 v-bucks to get a mini battle pass with every item in the drift set from season 5, then after a month it rotates to peely set , midas set, ect.

  6. Nah I'm an og season 4 player and if they bring back og bps its just another reason for people like me to quit lol i dont want every 4 year old to have the 6 year old skins 😭

  7. I would like some kinda system for old battle passes because my first fortnite account has season 4-6 on it and when I got a xbox i put a email that couldn't even exist and drift and calamity are my favorite skins

  8. I have been playing since ch1 season 2 an to bought the season 3 battle pass I own take the L and I think a lot of people are jelous they don't have it as it one of the most iconic emote in the game that burning said tuff luck you didn't play back then or spend the 15 dollars to buy that battle pass makes u think you should have that skin if u really wanted it you should have played back then

  9. I think all skins could have a leveling system where everytime the outfit reappears in the shop/pass all players who already have it gain a special numbered medal on that character (they don't have to buy it again)

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