1. 2 things that bother me about this mission:
    1) Adler is a terrible choice for a undercover agent because of his scars, hair style/length, and sunglasses. The only worse option would be Sims. Park made the most sense (if she could speak Russian) since her hairstyle is within Soviet regulation. She doesn't have scars or face tattoos
    2) The entire 3rd act is completely unnecessary. Them gun-blazing the entire KGB headquarter would result in WW3 whether Perseus was in the picture or not

  2. People fail to realize that just cause it’s newer game doesn’t mean it’s more in the future than the older titles. This is the Cold War era. Wayyyyy before the mw series stories take place😂

  3. I love the little detail of when you're Belikov, the banter from side characters sounds like English, because he understands Russian. But, when you switch back to Bell, the banter is in Russian.

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