I Played FORTNITE in VR!


  1. Sypher : no I don’t wanna do this part
    Me: TF there’s no way the banna wasn’t planned 😂
    Sypher: eject what the fuck WHY DID I TAKE FALL DAMAGE oh I am supposed to redeploy – b I’m DYING I hear somebody bro oh yeah oh shit
    Me: hahahahha 😂
    Sypher: THIS SHOTGUN SUCKS! THIS SHOTGUN SUCKS! that one didn’t count that’s our first one * sniff * sniff * I’m a girl
    ME: Hahhaha what do you mean by that 😂
    Sypher: what is this a sniper rifle oh shit yo he looks good he looks good uh man we got a sweat on our hands I’m leaving I’m leaving
    Game: teammate down
    Sypher : that’s his problem I’m fucking leaving
    Me: Hahahha I love this video bro I’ve never laughed so much in my life 😂

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