I Played Every Call of Duty Zombies Map Ever..


  1. lol i tried bo2 while ago lol probably around time this vid came out lol i did tranzit lol i was still able to do the teleport thing without going down lol i also found my bank still had points lol

  2. 1:01:45 all you do is buy the booze and get good box luck, buy the booze for 1000 and make Leroy destroy stuff from far away which will give you up to like 1750 points making a you 750 bonus points every booze buy given you don’t miss, and then the chalk which is another 5k

  3. I want to watch your videos but with my autism i'm very sensitive to sound and i can detect a lot of clipping from the mic so i'm unable to. Just a bit of my autistic version of constructive criticism. Thanks

  4. I can't believe how badly they ruined zombies by Black Ops 4. It's so cartoony and ugly. Shit was already looking bad in black ops 2 but by 4 it looks like borderlands or something.

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