1. I think you should both do a mixed account again like you did back in fifa 14 where you both use it and build squads, play champs etc
    But then again there’s no TOTS Sturridge to take this time as there’s no trade offers haha

  2. Soooo day 433 of the mission to finally show Chris and Matt how to distinguish between a tradable and untradable cards – a tradable card will have an amount of coins that you can get for discarding him right above the card, an untradeable card will not have any coins sign above the card.

    (btw I'm not stopping until Chris reads this in a video! 🔥😂👍 )

  3. i knew chris was stupid… but not that stupid. he has hansen which is one of the best wingers in the game and decides to buy a winger to replace her instead of buying another cm to replace alisson for one of the best players in the game like putellas or something

  4. Been team Chris since I started watching in fifa 20 honestly enjoy waiting for 4 to see the progression and yes I’m saving packs I currently have 114 packs all amazing packs much love from Newcastle

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