I forced myself to play the “WORST” Call of Duty


  1. Hey everyone, yeah this is a reupload. The original video got age restricted into oblivion, and there was no way I could unrestrict it. I then re-edited the video to meet all YouTube's guidelines so you fine folks can actually watch it. Sorry for any confusion

  2. Love how this pops up into my recommended 1 year later,

    Anyways this CoD was honestly not bad at all, it had all the heart and experience of previous CoD games wrapped up nicely into the Story. Sure it's futuristic, but the campaign had a lot of character and charm, the missions changed but never super frequently it followed a basic formula that worked out well for it.

    There were a few new things like the space battles to it that honestly worked really well, and of course the weapons were satisfying to use too, and the fact you could customize your loadout for the campaign was top notch. The storyline was meh, but the characters were actually well made and didn't follow some bogus woke agenda like BFV or CoD Vanguard.

  3. This game was honestly ok with a pretty solid campaign. I think my only major complaint is they get you hype by saying raise rhe black flag and getting u hpe to essentially go completely 180 and just do the most non pirate things

  4. The best CoD campaign I’ve played since Black Ops 1. Though I no longer cared for multiplayer, I’m surprised the developers didn’t create a playlist that took place in the cockpit of a jet, in space.

    By the way, if Nick Reyes got promoted to Commander of the Retribution, then shouldn’t he have stayed on it the entire campaign, rather than risk his life doing missions? I’m no military guy, I just think it makes sense if the higher the rank, the further away from the battlefield you get.

  5. This was the first cod I ever played the campaign I just adore I have completed it 5 times and it still doesn’t get old the zombies is jest elite this must be the most underrated cod ever

  6. Bro the story the character development and each level design was amazing ya there was wall running and and double jumping but it was minor and when it was involved I mean bro you were in SPACE or on another planet
    This game was awesome

  7. The story mode in this game is actually pretty good. I don’t think this video is warranted I mean if you’re talking about call of duty multiplayer, we can make a video that all of them suck now.

  8. This story looks like ut was ripped off from Mobile Suit Gundam. And to be honest a Call of Duty set in the Universal Century timeline would be a good idea. Its story should cover the WW3 that led to the creation of the Earth Federation.

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