Guerrilla Warfare|Shadow Co. Betrayal|Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2|2022|4K HDR


  1. Just look at how all the Shadows (save for one) at first didn't even think about raising their weapons, they just wanted to detain them.

    Maybe if that one shadow didn't shoot the other guy wouldn't have gotten a new hole to breathe out of.

  2. Good lord, the sound design is amazing!! I don't know if it's the compression, but everything sounds so…satisfying and crunchy. A lot of detail went into this, I bet.

  3. This game’s weird, because the plot is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen, even in a Call of Duty game, but the characters are good enough to (mostly) make up for that.

    Why the fuck would you EVER use your real names as a General of the US Army or Commander of the PMC in question? Especially when what you are doing is insanely illegal to a point where your own government probably couldn’t save your ass?

    What was even the point of this betrayal? The Cowboys and 141 were completely on your side. Hell, Ghost is ruthless enough he probably wouldn’t have cared that you were sending illegal missiles if you were aiding ally’s.

    And why the hell would you start gunning down civilians in a Mexican town to try and deal with the Cartel? The Cartel didn’t even do the ambush, and killing civs would only make more of them join those bastards.

    It’s why I’m glad at least the cast is well written. Even Graves, before his really weird heel turn where he just turns into a complete asshole.

    Though Shepherd is way worse. OG Shepherd you had to reluctantly respect as a badass. Fighting alongside his own men, his drive and desire to secure his own legacy as a warrior.

    This one’s just a generic coward.

  4. Its funny when people talk about how "real" any of this is…. try listening to real stories about real soldiers and you would find out very quickly how fake this all is.

  5. This mission felt like their attempt to portray Americans as bad guys in response to all backlash they faced for their depiction of Russians in the 2019 reboot. I personally don't mind it and actually like seeing a fictional version of American PMCs like Black Water being depicted as villains, but here it feels kinda forced due to how most of the game portrayed Graves as a nice guy. Now suddenly out of nowhere he's massacring every civilian in sight like a madman just to find 2 guys? Really?

  6. Only thing that made me curious was why was the betrayal necessary? They didn't want 141 to find out who exactly lost the missiles but do you think crazy ass Captain Price would really give a shit? as long as the missiles were recovered I doubt 141 would gripe with Shepherd about it especially all of em are in a business where they realize sometimes dirt needs to be done.

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