Fortnite Need To Fix This.


  1. The beginning reminds me of an encounter I had recently. The player got the Snooty medallion, didn't open the vault, then used 6 shockwaves, a grappler blade 30+ times, berries, multiple bushes and two cars to get away from little ol me. Like, do you even want to play the game?

  2. I had a game today where four of the medallions were just chilling at the bottom of a cliff mid game. I had the fifth. Another game I was chilling high ground final zone and when it moved all five were chilling right in front of me for no reason. Both times I wasn't even hunting for them, just chillin and they appear infront of me. 😂 Two of the easiest wins I've ever had handed to me, all today.

  3. this fact is working for me but im not sure about others, but, if ur gonna fight the boss, just stand still and they will shoot like ACTUAL stormtroopers, same goes with all the npc agents

    so u can actually stand still and heal, just try not to move much if u’re low

    if there is too much like at least 5 (plus the boss) and low on hp, u can just run lol (dont die and have fun winning😊)

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