1. Fortnite prize pool is stable? Ok do you even know how much they make daily they can afford to give away more it’s just they don’t because they don’t have to 3000 dollars for 1st place and most the time it’s pros that already have 100k+ earned😂

  2. "And casual players can for the most part sit back and enjoy playing fornite without having to worry about the sweats that much" biggest bs ive heard 😂 you can even tell my the way he phrased it that not even he believed that lol

  3. it will never die, there will be more jello grain 9 year olds who don't know better who will play this crap…
    this game would die if human population stoped growing lmao.

  4. Fortnite is not dead. Never was people say the term way to lossley. They say it when the don’t play it and don’t want others to enjoy themselves. Also at this point fortnite is unkiklable at this point. Now stw isn’t dead either it has a large active player base. A dead game is one where there’s never any updates and near to nobody is playing it at anytime.

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