FIFA 24 | TOP 50 BEST PLAYER RATINGS! 💀😲 ft. De Bruyne, Mbappe, Vinicius…


  1. Ok so your saying akanji from 81 to 86 but Lisandro Martínez 81 to 85 Lisandro has been incredible this season 1: he isn’t scared of getting hurt or anything
    2: he has proved all his haters that he is not too small for the premier league (Btw I’m not hating on akanji I know hes been incredible this season and a good signing but i don’t think he should be 86)

  2. You need mental health if you think Messi is 10th he had a great season and if you think he did worse than ederson, ter stegan, Vini, lewa, bernardo, and Courtois which btw he had a bad season compared to last year. because he got more g + a than Haaland, ligue 1, World Cup, and World Cup player of the tournament so you are very mistaken

  3. I think this video is an utter nonsense. Some players got huge upgrades without that much performances and some players who have the highest chances of winning ballon d or got huge downgrades . Some players who had literally amazing season doesn't exist. For example , Lautaro Martinez ( he is top 10 favorite for ballon d or )

  4. As A city fan :
    -Akanji should increase by 3 or 2 not 5 he is been good but thats a bit to much
    -Theo Hernandez should increase by 3 , hes arguably been the best Left back this season
    -Salah has been brilliant this season , induvial hes been incredible
    -Ruben dias has been good but i think he has to stay the same since in the beginning he didn't play much
    -Messi has been brilliant induvial as well with almost 50 G/A this season so he has to decrease by 1 or stay the same
    -It was only after jan where bernardo did a lot overall i think he should increase by 1
    -De Bruyne should increase by 1 , induvial its not his best season

    Players who deserve to be there
    -De ligt
    -Martinez inter
    -Luke shaw

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