FIFA 24 | BIGGEST RATING DOWNGRADES (EA FC 24)! 💀😲 ft. Maguire, Hazard, Alexander-Arnold…


  1. In my opinion Malinovski has been good for Marseille I would say he should go to lile 81. For the others its good imo but maybie you should be a little more harsh in downgrades.

  2. I don't understand how Ronaldo physicality is only 72 bro he has abs he is strong he flippin rko a person and you are telling me that mbappe is more physical than Ronaldo

  3. Ronaldo? Bro you disrespecting the goat od football for me he needs a downgrade only to 89/88 he had poor performance in the world cup but scoring 12 goals in 12 matches and Messi scored 11 goals in 60 matches in his first season and only downgrade to 91 Ronaldo scored 2 free kicks in 2 matches with his new technique is insane and scored in international matches for qualifations to euro 2 free kicks and 2 goals normally combined 4 goals in 2 matches and scored 2 goals against PSG and Messi scored 1!!! Ronaldo had good performance this season and I think he deserves even upgrade to 91!!!

  4. Weird Fact:
    Hazard Rating is 84 even tho he scored less then 15 Goals since he joined Madrid and his body is so terrible
    And there is no Saudi player that had 80+ Rating in Fifa history even tho having players like Al-Owarian ( who scored the best goal in 1994 WC )
    And Mohamed Al-Sahlawi – Yaser Al-Qahtani and Salem Al-Dawsari ( who you probably know from the Argentina vs Ksa game )😒

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