1. Ah yes, US just has a big orbital laser thingy for reasons and the big bad somehow manages to get up on the station without detection and then reign fire on earth like it’s laser tag. This plays out like a bollywood movie lmao

  2. 1:55 bitch, where do you think the plot is headed? Yes son, I brought this up for no reason at all. No fucking reason at all, just to waste your time. You should be more like your brother and keep your mouth closed so you don’t disappoint me with your moronic fucking questions. Also, you’re adopted.

    (If you know where this is from, you’re a legend)

  3. NONE of this makes any fucking sense. First, since when did South America get a space program with a shuttle launch site? Second, how did they smuggle weapons on board without alerting NASA or any of their affiliations under their direct supervision? Third, how TF can guns work in zero gravity without oxygen to burn ignited gunpowder within bullet shells? Fourth, you mean to tell me that NASA has self-destruct protocols for the ISS but not for the fucking orbital weapon itself in case it gets hijacked by (realistically) Chinese or Russians to be used for an attack on US or framing the US for it? Lastly, what “truce”? The fucking game never explained ANYTHING about a “truce” or when South America got a space program to remotely make this event possible or how they snuck in guns without alerting anyone or why they attacked the United States or who/when/where they got the funds and technology to pull any of this bullshit or the fact that after the attacks, none of the United States allies or United Nations or NATO got involved to assist US in their war against South America or how/when/why all of South America banded together and for what cause?


  4. I didn't like the game. "I would sacrifice my sons for my nation" or something like that says the father in this game. Pretty much the same I heard from Syrian rebell and an ISIS terrorist. Pure fascism.
    No loving father would even think like that. Do with me whatever you want, but leave my children alone. Fuck any group or nation. Your loyalty is to your kids first and no one else!

  5. Due to the overflowing hate towards this game, now we're going to hate infinity ward for not finishing due to the reason that we hate too much to the game, so they will just think why bother continuing it… Now we only got a cliffhanger…

    This game might not be the best, but seriously we are becoming the equivalent of star wars fans with the famous signature of "nobody hates star wars more than the star wars fans"

    We are not going to get a sequel out of this… Due to our own actions… Such is life…

  6. After you complete Rorke files and read the info, you will realize Logan is around 15 or 16 when this happened, based on Hesh's age of 28 in present, and Logan is 3 years younger than him.

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