EA SPORTS FC 24 | Official Gameplay Deep Dive


  1. Che gioco ridicolo. Un truffa quello che è l' online. Potessi chiederei il rimborso di una tale presa in giro. Ma si sa, contro i grossi, è inutile provarci.
    Scemo io che ho dato ancora soldi a questa massa di falliti

  2. Been seeing same animations and gameplay since 2018, either release this game once every 3 or 5 years or if releasing every year with small changes than make it cheap. Bc it feels like they’re making profit and restricting players to have updates on previous game bc they wanna sell new one.

  3. New football simulation like every year. what did you do? The referee no longer shows his face when distributing cards, only his arms. With every goal there are some statistics like in geometric technical drawing. Welcome to EA Sports, the largest casino in the world

  4. The problem with these signature animations is that now every goal those players score are going to be that style. Haaland can never take a normal goal with the inside of his foot, because it's most likely always going to be some crazy flying Judo kick. Once new animations make it into the game it's just overkill. They always try too hard. No thanks.

  5. Blá Blá Blá… De que adianta adicionar centenas de animações novas e continuar com as animações antigas horríveis que estragam a gameplay do jogo!? Como os jogadores deslizando o tempo todo, correndo com os joelhos muito dobrados, as pernas passando uma por dentro da outra e da bola!? É como se fosse um bolo muito enfeitado por fora, mas com a massa rium e solada! Primeiro concertem essas animações escrotas pra depois poder dizer que o futebol da vida real está no jogo….

  6. Ps5 싱글시즌 하면 팀 작전변경이나 다른걸만지면..아님좀오래하면 게임중 옵션키가안눌러지고 빠른선수교체 뜰때 r2키는 눌러지는데 x확인버튼인식이안됩니다 패드고장인줄알았는데 다른모드에선 인식잘되더라구요
    짱나서 구매2틀만에 겜 안함 두번다시 피파구매안함 만원때 세일하면 살듯 이럴거면 우닝처럼 무료게임으로바꾸고 카드나팔아먹지 개눔들

  7. Please don't make every ball pass going striaght to players like its a pinball… Gameplay pace needs to slow down and be more realistic by players positioning to imperfect passes and stopping/controlling the ball just like real life. Also the football shouldn't feel like a balloon

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