EA SPORTS FC 24 | Official Announce Trailer


  1. Here are the summaries for this video:
    * EA SPORTS FC 24 is a new football game.
    * The game features the voice of Daniel Kaluuya.
    * The game is available for pre-order now.
    * The game is part of the EA SPORTS FC series, which has been around for 30 years.
    * The subtitle of the game is "30 years of packing the stands and putting you on the pitch."

  2. Encore une fois un jeu qui se résume à du C..a tjrs pareil un jeu qui es juste bon a te mettre la haine !! Juste un jeu qui incite à la haine envers les joueurs alors que eux même ni sont pour rien car ce jeu controle et tes pack et ta colère le jour où vous comprendrez que leur jeu est exploser on pourra discuter !! Maintenant peace les Canadiens mais vous en faite pas un jour vous couleraient psk vous valaient rien du tout

  3. UT un desastre, te cruza con proplayers todo el tiempo es imposible. lamentable!!! No lo juego mas.

    UT is a mess, you always play against proplayers, it's impossible. It's a shame!!! I'm not playing it anymore.

    bye bye FC

  4. fessional level, I won all 20 matches, conceding 2 goals and winning on average 4:0 despite the match duration being shortened to 4 minutes. I decided to change the level to 'world class' and in about 15 matches I didn't even score a point. I am very dissatisfied with this fact.

    It's boring to win all the time or lose all the time. Career mode then makes no sense. Another thing is, for example, you build a team, refine your tactics, and suddenly, without any warning, your contract is terminated – you are fired because, for example, the salary for one of the players was supposedly too high. Irritating !

    Napiszcie, czy też macie takie doświadczenia.

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