DL Q33 Sniper Squad Wipe | Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale



  1. This Is Not A Custom Room Look At The Number Of Kills.

    I Know In Internet Have This Type Of Video As A Private Room Gameplay Where Some Friends Play Together And Make Video.

    My Channel Have All Real Gameplay As Solo Vs Squad.

    So Enjoy Watching Those Video Then Share Feedback Thank You. ❤️❤️

    Don't Judge Book By It's Cover. 🌹

  2. Hello Activision, thank you for all the characters and the good Call of Duty game mobil
    I am one of the oldest players in this game. I bought Sippy till the end but you didn't give me good products. Please give me items like legendary weapon. If it continues like this, I will get tired of Call of Duty and will not play anymore.

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