D – Day WWII | Call Of Duty (2017) | No HUD | RTX 3080 | 4K 60 FPS Ultra



  1. what a shitty sound design. normal talking voice easily heard on the landing craft, sound volumes compared to each other are way off, the gun sounds are just awful, they all sound like "poop poop", anyway, as usual for CoD games, since about IDK, CoD2, the only thing worth a damn is the graphics…

  2. Yes. In. World. War. 2🥷. But. I. Have. One. For. That. Po. The. Soldiers. But. WWII. For. Legos. Sets. Pls. Okay. Po. I. Dont. Have. One. Lego. Sets. Okay. No. More. Legos. WWII. Okay. BYE. po

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