1. I feel like majority of the commenters don’t understand this is a call of duty take down animation in a video game. Not an actual attempt to stab in the heart. Just had to clarify it.

  2. It would b crazy hard 4 anyone 2 stab someone 'thru' the chest the way she is (unless one'd b lucky nuff 4 that blade 2 slip btwn the ribs,.. that'd still b hard tho),.. that angle is just retarded, it's a video game. Btw, i luv u CoDm. Anywayz, maybe w a hammer strike grip (w the blade held downwards), but still, from behind like that, w no momentum or the ability 2 use ur main muscles bc of the awkward position…. again, VIDEO GAME MOVE. I do so very much luvs her tenacity at it tho, lol.

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