Call Of Duty WW2 Normandy D-DAY 4K-8K HDR Realistic Ultra Graphics Gameplay (COD World War 2)


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  6. Super unrealistic down to why the fuck are the Germans wearing gray? Not to mention one of the weapons there was a PPSH-41, and the firing rate of the MP 40 is way too fast. Also the kar98K doesn’t have a sight hood or a sling on it, and because he just picked one up he also somehow has a bunch of ammo for it!? Oh, and the biggest thing, is the distance between the German fighting bunker positions and the actual beachhead. I’ve been to the beaches of Normandy, the actual German bunkers are probably a good 400 yards away from the beachhead! One of the reasons why the Allies got decimated so much on the beaches is the Germans had light machine guns placed on tripods designed to be effective at such a long range, they also had mortars, artillery and snipers designed for such a distance. The allies ran up with basic shoulder fired weapons, and it would take an extremely skilled marksman to make a hit from that distance with iron sights. Not to mention the Thompson and Grease gun smgs were completely ineffective at that range. Then there is the M1A1 carbine shooting a basically pistol round too, not very effective at that range. This left the actual rifles being the Springfield and M1 Garand being the pretty much only weapons that could effectively return fire to the Germans in the Allies hands on the beachfront. The allies won basically by sheer numbers with nonstop invasion with the help of aircraft strikes and naval artillery barrages. If we would’ve hit one of the beaches that they had actually properly fortified, and were prepared for us at, we would’ve been decimated. We luckily tricked them into thinking we were invading elsewhere, so all of their strongest men (Waffen SS), and fortifications were elsewhere….the beaches we hit were weak (there were a lot of old men, extremely young men, and reserve troops defending it). History is crazy because it’s filled with soooo many “what ifs”!

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