1. This game was great. Idk why all the ppl like to shit on it. This is a classi. Just like the mws. Even black ops is great cod is a great franchise except for that futuristic few games I don’t enjoy those but these richt here man. Classics

  2. When I think about the shitty ratings this game got, two things come to mind.

    1. World at war was one of, if not the best WWII fps and beloved by fans and people love to make comparisons
    2. All of the hate this game got should've been directed towards Vanguard instead. This game is leaps and bounds more realistic with an actual plausible story and fun gameplay elements that actually coordinated with history. Vanguard is fucking fortnite compared to this

  3. Happy Wednesday. How are you doing today. Just here starting off the day watching your content. Interesting combination. Breakfast of champions and content watching. I like and I'm going to enjoy this feature presentation because you are too good at this game

  4. I love this game because it puts you in the eyes of a real soldier on the front lines, instead of some generic navy seal stealth mission type shit. Makes the game all the more fun, and the character development is amazing

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