Call of Duty: World at War full campaign


  1. Call duty should just keep making more more games taking place during World War two because the history and the stories behind it it was phenomenal. those were our best soldiers on the battlefield, Fighting the Nazi’s and Empire of Japan is the best.

  2. For me this is the greatest call of duty game of all time. I have so many amazing memories on this game. The campaign, multiplayer and zombies. I hope they do a remake for this 🙏

  3. Why not you make Call Of Duty: World At War campaign in chronological order:

    Firstly, Main Credits
    1. Semper Fi (0:00)
    2. Vendetta (42:50)
    3. Little Resistance (12:43)
    4. Hard Landing (24:15)
    5. Burn ‘Em Out (1:20:20)
    6. Relentless (1:32:16)
    7. Black Cats (2:36:46)
    8. Their Land, Their Blood (1:01:30)
    9. Blood And Iron (1:47:37)
    10. Ring Of Steel (2:04:54)
    11. Eviction (2:20:43)
    12. Heart Of The Reich (3:26:36)
    13. Downfall (3:39:27)
    14. Blowtorch & Corkscrew (2:48:56)
    15. Breaking Point (3:06:40)
    Finally End Credits.

    I love the fact that this game is all about the 2nd World War (1939 – 1945). Even though, Hitler came in to power for 12 years (1933 – 1945).

    And why not you make:
    – Call Of Duty: World At War
    – Call Of Duty: Black Ops
    – Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2

    Into 1 Game Series in chronological order as well. It makes a lot more sense if you do it in chronological order because I do it on my Xbox 360?

    Why not you do it mate? 🙂

  4. Man this game brings so much childhood memories.. being 11 years old getting lost into this game & after finishing the game you get the zombies mode. Man how much fun I had with the cousins trying to beat our highest round , getting beyond hyped after getting the ray gun out the mystery box.

    How much I miss those days😢

  5. If they remaster this game they should have lot of DLC campaigns to represent every country that fought in the Second World War
    It may even become the largest Game in the world with 500+GB Storage Space requirement

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