1. I never bought mw2 and I only played warzone which got me wanting to get MW3 when it got released and I’d say if you buy MW3 without of buying the previous MW2 because yes maybe they’re similar games but you still got MW2 and MW3 in the same game which is MW3 meaning you basically got 2 games for price of one because MW2 is gonna be dead

  2. Bro activision needs to stop trying to squeeze in ways to make money like they make us hyped up for a game that doesn’t have all the GAME in it if that makes sense like just give us the dang full game and not charge us for little crap it’s getting old atp💀

  3. It was a $60 game and a $50 season pass
    I’d rather go back to the old days how they had it I was paying for a season pass but I knew every season we were getting four new maps, no remakes and if they did do a remake it through it in for free

  4. Bro I literally paid $70 for bonobo Apes 2 literally, what is it like now? We can't play like plunder anymore like Tuesday. This game is rigman and i'm lucky you said it

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