Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Complete Timeline (Original Saga) – What You Need to Know (Updated)


  1. Thanks for the awesome vid man. 11 year old me didn’t know what the hell was going on half the time in modern warfare 2 so it was very nice of u to fill in the details he missed. What a fucking mission no Russian was aye boys? Man I wish I could experience that for the first time again. This was my first ever shooter game for my new Xbox 360 console and when the mission loaded up I was like oh okay cool yeah “no Russian” understood u got it captain, and then my jaw dropped and I went silent for a few seconds… I was like yooooo what is going onnn…😨😨 Then when that fucker makarov kills u at the end cause he knew all along oh man. Cinema. I was so hooked to the story after that.

  2. I want to add a new more points to this first in the mission safe house in the safe house you find news papers along with the plans for the attack on the airport you also find several newspapers which talk about some of Makarovs other attacks and then also I believe the spec ops and museum missions didn't happen but rather were in soaps head after he had passed out when the game ended as in every single mission you can hear ghost meaning you either play as roach (If you play as roach this is probably his heaven) Or you play as soap in soaps head when hes passed out

  3. Do i play this game?
    Will i play this game?
    Am i hyper fixated on characters so im going to spend my life finding out the lore and backstory of every game and character?
    Yes, yes i am

  4. They should have connected the story of MW to Gundam, with Infinite warfare being about an Ecoas team infiltrating a Zeon base to secute data about the Minovsky reactor.

  5. The OG saga was so much better, now they have rebooted MW just to fit in the timeline of Black ops etc.
    We went from fighting massive battles in big cities during WW3 to having boring little missions fighting terrorists in a made up country.

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