Call of Duty Modern Warfare – All Cutscenes / Full Movie


  1. To me this is modern warfare the sequel series. A rebooted take of the original. Maybe it’s more like set when after world war 3 which original Vladimir Makarov caused ended and it’s set years after the original modern warfare and it’s captain price is the nephew of the original modern warfare price.

  2. With all disrespect, your aim fucking sucks, your game sense is non existent, your positioning is worse than a hillbillies teeth.

    Thanks for the subpar content that only made the cutscenes seem bad.

  3. For me personally 2019 mw to mw3 is fine storytelling. Just put all the "mainstream problems" that the company and devs have aside. Lore wise it is a great story. COD should get more respect for that part alone. (and hopefully keep on storytelling with a decent development group that can create a decent milsim multiplayer game)

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