CALL OF DUTY MODERN WARFARE 3 PS5 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – INTRO (COD 2023 Campaign)


  1. I dont like how it’s an open world mission i like the old style. They did the same thing with Pokémon and i still like the game but i want an objective lol. To me it makes me lose interest idk i tend to get bored if there no objective in video games (most)

  2. I don't like this game. Why have they made it that if you die you have to start the whole mission again? I've played all COD campaigns and they were never this hard

  3. Been with "TheRadBrad" since i started gaming again 2013 Grown in subs CrAzY much, and helped in games was stuck in the elevator in Tomb Raider 😉 His channel rock!!! SO HARD to pick a favorite COD? Everyone is good in their own way if i must pick one Black Ops 2. Like when you shift between 1986 i think and the future! Liam Stockholm, Sweden

  4. 2am wondering wtf am I doing with my life is still something I am saying every day. I have started pursuing some of my old passions which led me to your channel. Crazy how much games have evolved and awesome to see you killing it doing this…

  5. I wonder what she will think in 20 years when not a single biologically born female is a world champion/record holder in ANY sport. I’m afraid she and many others are sending women’s rights and opportunities back to the dark ages, no further probably. It’s quite simple sports wise, three categories, women, men, pronouns and the money is only limited by the revenue each generate.

  6. The walking dead game was really bad, but you won't hear any negative comments from Brad about this one, because it's his bread and butter, so to speak. Pun intended

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