CALL OF DUTY MODERN WARFARE 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 Campaign FULL GAME [4K 60FPS PS5]


  1. Modern Warfare III was a sloppy cash grab, only taking 18 months to make rather than 3 years.

    I can't even be mad if they bring Soap back again!!!! MWIII (3) was a huge disservice to his character. In MWII (2) you spend so many (great) missions playing as him and seeing his personality shine. (The relationship between him and Ghost was A++. loved all of their banter, really made you care about them.) But then you play this game and everything lovable is gone! ugh.

  2. It’s still confuses the fuk outta me on why and how so many people are actually saying this campaign was short because it wasn’t. It’s just as long as every single other call of duty before it. It’s actually a little longer than some of them. Most of the people say that sht never played this and just for perspective I finished Call Of Duty world at war in 30 minutes and that’s because i just zooted through it without actually judging playing it and just having fun. I don’t understand where this complaint is coming from all the sudden. Saying it’s the worst one ever. They always say this sht every dam time. I really hate the gaming community man. So stupid and always just agreeing with what they hard a YouTuber say and constantly acting entitled like these game devs and everyone else owes them something.

  3. Why did they change captain price voice 🤦 why does nikcholi look different and sound different why does makorov sounds and look different the whole campaign is like multiplayer it is OK but not ok

  4. I’m all kinds of confused. I thought Ghost and Alex were both dead and what is Makarov doing having American air support and comms? Plus I thought Graves was a bad guy? I’m obviously missing something as I’m not a huge COD fan. I do like the campaigns and wish they sold just the campaign for like half or a third of the price lol COD online is just wack. Not that a video game can be “realistic” but the sliding 10’ on concrete while shooting full auto and doing no scope shots. I like games like Insurgency Sandstorm. More “realistic” or at least as much as a game can be I suppose

  5. The sad thing is that there are some small glimpses of interesting mechanics in here. The Open Mission idea isn't a BAD one on paper, it combats the long-standing criticism of COD levels being overly linear. It's how it's done that's absolutely hopeless. This entire game screams "Crunch", and fuck Activision with every element of my being for the hell they put their developers through.

  6. why doesn't call of duty 2023 mention russian vs ukraine war ?? I no play new cod but I find the plot of the new call of duty to be "pale compared to the real world", without mentioning the Russia vs Ukraine war, there are still dozens of other wars like the Kurds vs Turkey , ,,,, armenia vs azerbaijan, arab saudi invasion on yemen, rise of taliban, Drug war in Mexico Everything looks more epic than the plot of mw3

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