1. no voice more iconic than overlords imo, every time i played as delta team in mp, he really makes u feel like ur in a present-day war, he just sounds like a quintessential modern us soldier lol

  2. Rewriting new MW3

    Makarov causes a 9/11 in London destroying the clock tower causing the NATO Allience to call out Russia and prepare for war. KOMMI coups Russia and starts an incursion into Eastern Europe.

    These are where the missions take place

    Mission 1- The Beginning (London)
    Mission 2- Makarov (Russia)
    Mission 3 – Berlin
    Mission 4 – Warsaw
    Mission 5- Kaliningrad
    Mission 6- Lithuania
    Mission 7- Heneleski
    Mission 8- Istanbul
    Mission 9- Tibilisi
    Mission 10- Caucasian Mountians
    Mission 11- Turkmenistan
    Mission 12- Northern Iran
    Mission 13- Kabul
    Mission 14- The Caspian Sea
    Mission 15- Final Mission. Task force 141 joins the force in Moscow. In a panic macorov orders an atomic missile onto New York City. Macarov also suicide bombs Moscow. Soap is killed in the explosion and Price is injured. We are also introduced to the Yuri character who is fighting in the Russian Resistance. Then DLC will happen about finishing the job, retaking Russia, and stoping Nolan, Macarovs successor.

  3. POV: its 2070-90.

    our future grandsons asked "hey grandpa, what was the best FPS shooting game you ever played?" to us. "well, the FPS game i played since i was a child, it was special. the game name was COD." said our older self. "Oh really? pls tell us the story of your childhood game" said grandsons. "okay, but if you're asking what series, it would be Modern Warfare" said our older self.

    so it all begins here (MW1, 00:00:00).

    and that my grandsons, is how the greatest story ever ended (MW3, 2:43:55

  4. I can't believe there is a better than MW3 in COD games, because I only enjoy play more in MW3 and its close to my heart no matter I tried to change it. I always keep coming back and enjoy with no boring ❤️

  5. When you actually play like your suppose to and get down to business it can be awesome but when you just do it to pass its even better!! Who has time to freaken play it forrealz right???????

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