1. masih sampai level berapa ya kemarin dikepribadian terbaru.
    terasa lama banget lagi lah.
    ya masih mau dilanjutin terus sampai level terakhir.
    tapi sekarang masih waktunya jujur dan disarankan tetap pertahankan kata ikhlas&sabar/tukar&karet.

  2. The ONLY good thing I love in the campaign is Gaz’s character development, he really feels more and more on par with Price, if not better in some cases. Everything else is eehhhh mid af…

  3. FFS this game needs a complete rewrite. New characters and lots more war with actual armies. We could fly helicopters, jets and drive loads of vehicles. We could have small teams of special forces doing recon and rescue. Just make it more believable, rather than super soldier. It’s time to get off the tired, but why change what’s making us millions, and use some new script writers and make something new. So, how about it???

  4. I swear They completely Ruined Alex story. He was the absolute best in the first modern warfare game. Since then he hasn't really done much or been seen that much all he is is a side character. He was supposed to be call of dutys next big and Legendary character of this new generaton of call of duty but looks like that aint gonna happen. It also saddens me that he never got to meet soap. To me he is the new soap in this new modern warfare reboot.

  5. Important question. I want to make Music Videos, featuring MWIII Cutsenes. How ever, I don't own the game my self, and am not planing on buying it anytime soon. Would I be allowed to use your fotage? You would obviasly be credited.

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