1. Thats what they did here. They kept the motion capture acting, but changed and improved the set and characters with newer, up to date graphics and lightning about Call of Duty MW2 Remastered

  2. May i know what graphics card and CPU in ur PC to run this in 4K? Is this game run in latest CPU in intel i5-13600k , i7-13700k or in 12th generation and also in latest windiws 10pro or home, windows 11 ? Also , do these all call of duty serues games from call of duty 1 to last version call of duty serues run in latest CPU and in latest graphics card?
    Becoz i am going to buy a new desktop PC with only latest intel CPU and medium budget graphics card in Nvidia RTX 3060Ti 8GB card, is this okay by ur suggestion? By my budget, i am thinking about this CPU & RTX 3000 series, what's ur suggestions? Plz tell..

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