1. Graves radio comms battlechatter :
    15:29 Graves : Search the area
    16:02 Graves : Contact! We're good? Copy. I want this area lockdown
    21:00 Graves : Brook, give me a sit rep?
    21:19 Graves : Brook, how copy?
    21:25 Graves : I can't reach him! keep it tight!
    21:40 Graves : Secure the perimeter
    That's all I can hear

  2. I really don’t like that this mission appears to have multiple choices on how you do things but i realized that it’s super linear upon my 3rd gameplay through this mission

  3. The hardest MWII mission (in my opinion), but it really makes it feel like og CoD and the sheer tension, combat, tactics and stealth narute is what makes it stand out not just from the campaign but from all CoD missions overall. I played on Veteran and it was hella frustrating finishing it, but the structure and dialog during the mission gave it life and excitement, despite how difficult it was. Honestly, CoD needs more mission like these because they actually make you feel like you're an Operative and being hunted by soldiers who are out to kill you. Not even mentioning the amount of characteristics and personality Soap and Ghost get through the mission's dialogue

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