Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 PS4 Gameplay FULL GAME Campaign Mode


  1. Oszuści i złodzieje. Kupiłem nową grę mw 2 PS4 i nie da się wgrać tej gry na konsole ani u mnie ani u kolegi. Kolega też kupił nową płytę tej gry i też nie mógł jej wgrać. Cały czas problemy z zainstalowaniem gry. Oszuści i złodzieje. Straciłem przez was 300 złotych i kupę nerwów. Już nigdy nie kupię od was żadnej gry choćby była ze złota

  2. Nah dude, when I played mw2 on my ps4 slim, it game me a weird ass film grain effect with pixels flying around everywhere, even though I had film grain to zero and fidelity cas to 100

  3. Hey guys. After 15 years later, im back to gaming due to my son wanting the playstation 5 this christmas. So im here stuck nd dont really knw how to start playing the game. It seems like i have so much to download. The COD2 that came with the game. Now its done. I still have to dowload the games to be able to play. Does this sound about right ? Or am i missing somthing. I miss the good ol days.turn on button nd start jamming.

  4. I bought the disc for PS4 PRO. down loaded all the updates and BLAH BLAH BLAH took forever now it wont let me play the campaign.. iv'e played Multiplayer online against Players.. but I want to go through the campaign I ALSO want to practice against BOT'S and do zombies . cant seem to get any of that going.

  5. hi! i don’t know if this is a bit late but i’m new to all of this and i want to play the game you’re playing but there are so many versions that i have no idea how to play. i don’t know if you HAVE to talk to people but i just wanted to play the simple game and complete missions and stuff. i bought cod; mw2 but for some reason i am not seeing anything like yours. it’s newer i guess but still? i’m confused lol

  6. I play it on PS4 Slim, in the mission in Amsterdam, the one with cafe gracht….
    Anyways, on my screen there are little white dots moving everywhere, like snow, but it's not….
    How to fix it?
    And shadows and graphisc are little shitty….
    Will they fix it?😊

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