1. Hi call of duty im yr fan and fan long time for tencent but why u make yr fan hopeless?other coutry must can download all play store but why another country can't download?im from cambodia i has some money to purchase yr game but i can't everything lol

  2. ⚠️I'll explain what happens: in OPS 2 black on PS3 in the lobby there were 12 real players and the game gave you the option to vote for two maps to play (after the 12 players voted for the map the game matched us all on that map and success, all real, fun and adrenaline) But cod mobile NOT HERE THERE IS SALAD EVERYONE SCATTERED EVERYWHERE (zombies, different mj maps, Igualada, zombies, war mode, accessory house, tank battle, blacout, Isolet) it is impossible for us to all be real in mating if this It's a salad 🤦 Conclusion: the healthiest thing is that per day instead of having many active game modes, you only keep one (and vote for two maps in addition to Blac OPS 2) and rotate them per day so that in matchmaking we are all real 🤡Spend money on a gamer cell phone to kill bots 🤡Spend lots of dollars on roulette wheels to kill robots Dear developers, please fix this issue immediately and refer to OPS 2 black matchmaking 🏻

  3. So, please tell me how much do you guys spend to get those mytic weapons? I'm curious to know. I feel like it is rigged so badly that you end up spending 100 or more dollars just to get one. It shouldn't be that way. And when pulling for it, the gun is always the last.

    Whynot add old mytic weapon in a battlepass once in a while?

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