1. Hackers are becoming a big problem, even with mw3 having the anti cheat things they added, still hackers are still getting through with it. I think hackers should go to bars. I been to call of duty competitive gaming competition, they had to shut it down because the amount of hackers who where caught in the game.

  2. Not only cheating also too
    Much lag in the game the only think about money i quit the game never going to buy or play also everything that people buy in warzone 1 is gone and get nothing back from them

  3. I play CODM, and the hackers on mobile aren't holding back either. I was watching my enemy's killcam, and I saw that he no-scoped me from across the map.

  4. In the UK hacking in any case is illegal. It comes under the computer Misuse act, and can come to a prison sentence. It may be different in the US but UK based hackers will be committing crimes by using cheats.

  5. Ricochet is a joke of a anti cheat because all it did was scan the actual drives on the system but never removable drives as it doesn't have perms and it has been undetectable and the devs know because some devs even use said cheats in pubs and they are whitelisted so they can't be banned for any reason and all reports go no were but there reports either insta kicks them or straight up gives them a 3 day ban depending on how they setup there account in the system it's a joke and it's sad, if Microsoft truly cares we need all the devs I mean all devs axed and we need people with passion not a storefront to get easier lobbies. Even Vons are advertising there anti sbmm capabilities

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