CALL OF DUTY Full Movie (2021) 4K ULTRA HD Action


  1. "I wanted to show a story, but instead of showing it through actions and emotion, I thought I'd narrate for half of it and exposit the rest,because the writers had a sweet beach party in malibu to attend to at the weekend and didn't want something like good storytelling to get in the way".

  2. So Turner’s great sacrifice bought them what? A few extra seconds?? Bahaha. Yeah ok story writers. You just wrote big forehead guy from Casino and Transformers as a HUGE cowardly dick bag. Leave no man behind…accept in COD where small screen bravery is cheap.

  3. “WE are all that stands between the world and darkness.” 🤦‍♂️ This is why the other allied nations talk shit about us Americans. A big reason anyway. Because we take ALL the credit for WW2 coming to an end. As if we alone won the war. Which is simply preposterous. I’d feel very disrespected if I was any of the other countries who sacrificed their young men for the war effort. We weren’t even a part of the war the first couple years.

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