1. Activision killed CoD and it was long before Fortnite came along.

    And tbh map packs aren't even remotely close to the issues with CoD. In fact it's a very outdated model that limits the player base for specific maps

  2. Battlepasses and season passes have, and always will be one the worst decisions ever made that has significantly impacted the quality of alot of games and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

  3. Bro actually stfu, I don't care what kinda bs world you're living that you think cod copied fortnite. Fortnite copied literally everybody else in literally everything they've done. I can't name more than 5 things that fortnite came up with that someone else didn't do first, better, and way more original.

  4. No No, Fortnite copied Call of Duty you see here's why Call of Duty is a game that is about War that are Nonfiction, like COD World at War because that really happened from 1939 to 1945, but Fortnite is a game that has a flying Bus etc. That's a fiction Game and it is absolute Trash..

  5. In any industry, you have to keep up, but they took that stick and ran a marathon with it, while making it pricy af because originally people loved the game and now you can't get a good cod pack with out atleast 2400 cod pts, and now there is stuff on mw3 for like 2800 CP

  6. But the season pass is all cosmetics. Each season adds new maps and guns for free. Having a bunch of free new content with some remasters of well liked maps is better than paying an additional 50-60 dollars to experience the new content

  7. You're slightly mistaken about dlc map packs being ended bc Blops 4 had map packs but it was the first call of duty to introduce a "battlepass" which they call contraband streams which were free. it wasn't until modern warfare (2019) that they implemented a actual paid battlepass like Fortnite.

  8. Pepole in comments saying that warzone ruined cod no it didn't it was the most cod so idk what yall on about warzone was peak and the best thing in cod

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