1. Bad Ending: Be loyal to your country, gets recognized and rewarded for it and achieves victory with your comrades cheering by your side.

    Good Ending: Bertray your country, despite they never went out their way to try and kill you for the damage you've done while being brainwashed by the enemy. Be loyal to a team that never sees you more than an expendable asset and in the end gets killed by their leader to cover up his own ass.

    Truly american logic….

  2. At first I did not know what to choose. But after thinking about what they've done to me and I assumed they would get rid of me afterwards, I said "They took the world from me, I'll take the world from them" and choose to lie to them and also set the trap. This was similar to Joel mentality from Last of Us I guess and I do not regret it all. F*** you Aldler.

  3. Cigarette my ass, i shot adler in a split second in the face for killing me before in the "good" ending. Now i see if you give him a smoke he still tries to kill you. You get an achivment for not giving him a smoke lol

  4. The endings are unsatisfying. It lacks a third option where you stop the nukes but then kill the entire squad of Adler (or even better, get the chance to decide who to kill and who to leave alive). Mind control is a worse offense than murder.

  5. So technically, even though the Perseus organisation detonated the nukes, Soviet Union officially would believe that the US did it themselves, because Perseus was a rogue that wasn’t following orders.

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